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    What are the colors of Arc Solution's "Swivel Arc" logo?

    What year was Bruce Guilford Real Estate founded?

    What are (3) reasons to choose Collins & Guilford Wealth Advisors?

    How many countertop edge profiles does Gordon Creek Granite offer?

    Beauty and Skin Care is Jodi Bland's (Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay) claim to fame. Go to her Facebook Fan Page, and comment on her picture of "LOLA" (her pink caddy) with the Chamber logo to complete this task!

    How many seconds does March 4th Design say the average attention span is?

    What (5) categories of products are shown as tabs on Premier Promotional Products' homepage?

    What is Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association's (SMTA) current promotion which ends December 31st?

    How many colors does Stoett Industries Inc. offer of the NAUTILUS Shower Door?

    Name the (6) Village of Hicksville Council Members, and designate which is President:

    What year did the Hicksville News-Tribune start publishing?


    STEP 1: Visit these establishments

    STEP 2: Locate the hidden Chamber logo and take a selfie with Chamber logo included

    STEP 3: Post photo to Facebook or Instagram using hashtag: #hixchamberscavengerhunt

    STEP 4: Mark the corresponding check box

    Amanda Lee Coffee - Hicksville Location

    Community Memorial Hospital - Gift Shop

    Hicksville Family Eye Care LLC

    Hicksville Pharmacy & Home Medical LLC

    Huber Opera House & Civic Center, Inc - Storefront Window

    H&W Automotive Parts - NAPA

    Johnson Memorial Library

    Main Street Studio

    Phil's One Stop

    Punchy Cactus

    R. Taylor Insurance Agency LLC

    The Country Petals

    The Hicksville Bank

    Two Bandits Brewing Company

    Sam Switzer Realty - Storefront Window

    Sweetwater Chophouse - Bldg Main Lobby